YP Letters: Dazed and confused by baffling parking signs in Leeds

Do motorosts get a bad deal in Leeds?
Do motorosts get a bad deal in Leeds?
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From: Chris Dobson, Stonegate Road, Leeds.

AS if motorists in our city and not bashed enough with bus lane cameras, parking restrictions, speed limits switching from 40 to 30mph, all waiting to catch out any poor unsuspecting driver, we now have a new kid on the block – parking charges. Or not. Or maybe. Confused? You should be.

On visiting the town centre on Sunday morning, we attempted to park on Grafton Street under a sign which stated Sunday payment required, please pay at meter.

No meter there. Pay by phone notice. Right under second sign saying payment Monday to Saturday. Confused?

Not wanting to chance it, rang number shown to be greeted with a recording saying account suspended.

Not aware we had an account! Not to be beaten, walked onto next street and, lo and behold, machine jammed.

One person had resorted to leaving a note saying managed to pay, but no ticket given. Gave up and dashed in and out of city in 10 minutes.

Shame really. Lovely day and I’m sure shopkeepers would have welcomed more footfall.

You can’t blame a man for trying!