YP Letters: Delight and tears over columnist Christa Ackroyd’s words

Columnist Christa Ackroyd.
Columnist Christa Ackroyd.
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From: Mrs EH Bell, Newland Avenue, Driffield.

WHAT a pleasure it was to read Christa Ackroyd’s lovely article last Wednesday (The Yorkshire Post, April 18). It brought tears to my eyes reading of her happy childhood and lovely mum.

Although she is very much my junior, it really brought back memories of my own childhood, and what a treat it will be to me, at least, looking forward to Christa’s weekly column. She was excellent on Look North.

From: Ann Dixon, Guiseley.

CHRISTA Ackroyd’s column, and your accompanying editorial, showed why parents are still
the most important role models of all.

What a profound – and emotional – piece. Thank you.

I also enjoyed Justine Greening’s column on social mobility. Governments can’t do everything, but business can – and should – give more opportunities to the young to inspire and innovate.

From: Mr GI Simpkin, Drowne Street, Driffield.

RE Christa Ackroyd, I, too, laughed and cried reading 
such a lovely article.