YP Letters: Disgraceful way to treat York Minster bellringers

The York Minster bell ringers ring the bells to commemorate VE Day. Picture: Anna Gowthorpe
The York Minster bell ringers ring the bells to commemorate VE Day. Picture: Anna Gowthorpe
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From: Edwin P King, Captain of St Mary’s Bellringers, Bridlington Street, Hunmanby, Near Filey, North Yorkshire.

FIRSTLY, on behalf of the bellringers of St Mary’s Parish Church, Scarborough, may I send our deepest sympathy to the bellringers of York Minster who have just been so disgracefully treated by the Chapter and Dean of the Minster.

By dismissing their ringers who maintain the highest possible standards of ringing, these so-called authorities are setting what could be a dangerous trend that will be frightening to all ringers throughout this country and possibly the world.

What most people would like to know is what the Minster ringers have done wrong (nothing, of course) and what safety rules have they broken?

We hope that the Dean and Chapter, and now it seems the Archbishop as well, realise what damage they have done to the reputation of the Minster. It is certainly rock bottom now.

I wonder what would happen now, say if a Royal visit to a large service on Remembrance Sunday? Would the ringers be asked to come and ring for it or would the bells remain silent?

Also, it must be said, the Minster authorities charge £1,000 for one hour’s service for any group of people requesting services, say around Christmas time. If that isn’t greed, then I don’t know what is.

I thought they were supposed to be Christians. It’s about time they start acting like proper Christians – the sooner the better!

Divided opinion over Europe

From: John G Wildie, Briar Grove, Sandal, Wakefield.

WHEN Tony Blair was the Prime Minister, I did not always agree with his policies and marched in London against the invasion of Iraq.

Mr Blair has stated in a newspaper that the withdrawal from the EU is the greatest foreign policy disaster this country will ever know. It could take at least 10 years for this country to rebuild, if ever.

I totally agree with him on that statement. Now, in some parts of the country, unemployment is on the rise, plus the cost of living is on the increase. This is what happens when petrol or diesel prices go up. We have been advised on TV news to shop early for Christmas as prices will rise. People who it will affect will be pensioners, one parent families and the unemployed. Darker days ahead.

From: John Wakeman, Doncaster.

ONCE again your Editorial perpetuates the myth that if Tony Blair had stood up for UK interests we might have voted to remain in Europe (The Yorkshire Post, October 29). This man should not have his comments even printed.

Will you ever accept the will of the people who voted successfully in wanting to leave Europe and its corrupt system of government? Over 17 million people voted the biggest turnout in our history.

The UK economy has continued to perform well post-Brexit. We have fantastic export opportunities all over the world in markets far bigger than Europe.

Still the same old Ed Balls

From: Diana M Priestley, Darley Dale, Derbyshire.

KATHRYN Milner (The Yorkshire Post, October 22) has fallen straight into the trap that Ed Balls set. She sees him as “a nice guy”.

When he was busy ruining 
the country with Gordon Brown, one of your correspondents dubbed him “the odious Ed Balls”. Well, he is still just as odious, trying to appear pleasant, so that people will vote him 
back into some Labour seat and he can start ruining the country again.

Happy days in post-war city

From: Roger Bates, Elmhurst Close, Shadwell, Leeds.

FURTHER to SJ Payne’s letter about the long causeway prefabs, as a child there at the time (I lived on Wayland Walk), I’d like to thank Mrs Payne and her then neighbours for making my childhood such a warm and quite wonderful experience.

Indeed, from the abandoned wartime ack-ack site where we boys played endlessly to the communal bonfire nights with home-made parkin and toffee-apples, I remember the years 1948-58 as a time of such carefree happiness that it was almost like living in a Just William story, perhaps with a bit of Rupert Bear’s Nutwood.

Thank you to all who helped

From: Corinne Gaw, Thorpe Garth, Middleton, Leeds.

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to the Leeds City Council. The back of our property had got really overgrown and I approached two chaps who were litter-picking near Middleton School to ask if I could have the number to enquire about having it cut back. They said they would report it and on the next Monday two lovely chaps were doing it. It is very much appreciated to you all who helped.

Some thoughts on wisdom

From: Iain Morris, Saltaire.

WITH regard to wisdom, education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity – Aristotle.