YP Letters: Divided poll gives no mandate for hard Brexit

What now for Brexit?
What now for Brexit?
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From: Allan Davies, Augusta Park, Grimsby.

ROBERT Bottomley tells readers that MPs chose to have the question of EU membership decided by referendum.

He pays no attention to the briefing paper of June 3, 2015, which made clear that the referendum was advisory only and would not be binding on Parliament or Government. The legislation is about holding a vote, it makes no provision for what follows.

The constitutional position is clear. It rests on the supremacy of Parliament. MPs swear their oath of allegiance to the Monarchy, and it is their duty to vote for what, in their judgement, is in the best interest of the country.

From: John Turley, Dronfield Woodhouse.

MANY Brexiteers frequently berate the so called Remoaners for refusing to accept the result of the EU referendum, but many of them don’t accept the result either. Despite the closeness of the result, and the widely accepted fact that a great many people, almost certainly more than the winning margin, voted leave for reasons other than being passionate about leaving the EU, they refuse to accept that the outcome was anything other than a decisive mandate for a hard Ukip-style Brexit.