YP Letters: Don’t build new homeless hostel here

Is Harrogate the right location for a homeless shelter?
Is Harrogate the right location for a homeless shelter?
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From: Caroline Metcalfe, Harrogate.

HARROGATE Borough Council (HBC) is now in the planning stages of building a temporary homeless shelter for 19 single people on Spa Lane.

To date the consultation process has totalled one drop-in session where no notes were taken and we left feeling that our views had not been registered properly and the whole process was a sham. CCTV cameras are going to be erected all over the area, so they are obviously expecting upset and issues. I don’t want to live in an area where CCTV is deemed necessary.

Providing the support for the homeless is a complex issue and needs a lot of input. Where will the funding be when there is a change of government or a change of government policy?

Have they forgotten the disaster of the homeless shelter built in the early 90s in Jennyfields? It has been widely viewed that an important and sensitive build like this should be in central Harrogate close to amenities vital to the people needing this support, not dumped on Starbeck in a quiet residential area populated by a large elderly community.

Come on HBC, wake up and smell the coffee.

Haunted by scars of war

From: Roger Bates, Elmhurst Close, Leeds.

INITIALLY a wonderfully uplifting story about the Leeds pensioner celebrating his 
100th birthday surrounded by friends, relatives, and a quite delightful chorus of local school children.

However I admit that my thoughts darkened considerably when reading how this former bus driver had visited Chapel Allerton Hospital as a child and shaken hands with a wounded veteran of the Great War.

Indeed, instantly I recalled my late father telling me about doing a little job at Chapel Allerton as an apprentice electrician in the 1930s and how he walked - totally unwarned - into a ward of hideously disfigured veterans of ‘the war to end war’.

Marvellous old chaps, certainly, all doing their very best to put the rather shocked young ’sparky’ at ease, but believe me when I say the hauntingly remembered horror in Dad’s faltering voice remains with me still.

Is rail chaos here to stay?

From: Arthur Quarmby, Mill Moor Road, Meltham.

IF the Government really wants to accelerate the break-up of this once-United Kingdom, then they are certainly going the right way about it.

The months-long railways chaos in the North, with all its knock-on consequences, would not be tolerated for a week in the South – but on and on it goes and nothing is done (The Yorkshire Post, June 22). So is this situation now permanent?

Book into city’s library

From: Craig Minto, Ridal Close, Stocksbridge, Sheffield.

IN reply to the letter (The Yorkshire Post, June 18) that Sheffield libraries are losing out because volunteers run some of their facilities. Upperthorpe Library in Sheffield is an excellent community-prun initiative. This is not just a library, but is providing a gym, swimming pool and opportunities to become educated. All these vital services are run by friendly, conscientious volunteers which I can say is very successful.

Answer the call, please

From: Mr F Lennon, Heathcroft, Leeds.

HAVE you ever tried getting through to the police on the joke 101 number? This service should be withdrawn so people can get to speak to their local police station.

If you do get through, the operators you speak to have not got a clue what you are talking about.

I rang this number and it took one hour and 15 minutes for someone to answer.

An own goal

From: Coun Tim Mickleburgh (Lab). Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

I WAS disappointed to see children playing football at a school, even though it’s the second half of June. No wonder our cricket team struggles to get a team that doesn’t include people born overseas or educated privately. A far cry from when we automatically played cricket in the summer.

Good friend

From: Jarvis and Dorothy Browning , Main Street, Fadmoor, York.

HAD a visitor who called by to see how Dorothy was after reading our letter in your paper about the NHS. A regular letter writer to The Yorkshire Post, Edward Grainger on his bicycle! How friendly Yorkshire folks are. Progressing well thanks.

No direction

From: DS Boyes, Upper Rodley Lane, Bramley, Leeds.

WHY does Leeds City Council make things worse for drivers? I drove in Europe from 1998 to 2005 – there they improve things, while Leeds only makes it worse.

Wine order

From: John Watson, Sheffield.

MAY I suggest a topic for Christine Austin’s wine feature in The Yorkshire Post? With the rise in diabetes levels in the UK, surely there is a large potential market for low sugar/ low carbohydrate wines, beers and spirits?