YP Letters: Driver only has himself to blame for Leeds bus lane fine

A bus lane in Boar Lane, Leeds.
A bus lane in Boar Lane, Leeds.
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From: Elisabeth Baker, Leeds.

IAN Barnes complains in his letter (The Yorkshire Post, January 27) that he will never shop in Leeds again as he drove in a bus lane there and has to pay a fixed penalty as a result.

I am afraid that he has only himself to blame.

Bus lanes are very clearly marked by thick white lines in the road, along with the words “Bus Lane”.

The times at which these lane restrictions apply are given on signs at the side of the road.

Mr Barnes says that did not know that he was driving in a bus lane.

Even so, he assumed that its restriction applied only in rush hour.

He writes that “most cities only enforce bus lanes during peak periods”.

His use of “most” indicates that he is aware that some bus lanes operate at times other than these peak periods.

Despite the fact that he 
had not driven in Leeds for 
some years, he did not check 
the road markings or the 

Mr Barnes writes that he is very experienced at reading the road.

Maybe he needs to read road signs and markings, too.