YP Letters: EU Brexiteers not to blame for increase in racial tensions

Theresa May is under pressure to outline her Brexit strategy.
Theresa May is under pressure to outline her Brexit strategy.
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From: Trev Bromby, Sculcoates Lane, Hull.

WHEN – and how – did Brexit become an immigration issue? Myself and many fellow Brexiteers are bemused by this emergence. We all agree migration had nothing to do with our decision to vote out.

We voted out because we didn’t want to subsidise the EU trough-dwellers and seemingly unstable law-makers who we believe were blighting our lives.

Now it seems our incumbent trough-dwellers are looking at ways of still ploughing skip loads of cash into the communal piggy bank and retaining a loony law partnership.

How are they doing this? Easy, by putting the whole Brexit onus on migrants, hoping to distract from the objective.

This low underhanded scurrilous move has already caused racial tensions. In the interim EU still gets its purported £55m a day as no effort (the implementation of Article 50) has been made to start the exit process. Brexit must mean Brexit.

From: Mr JG Wildie, Wakefield.

REGARDING John Watson’s letter this week on the pessimism of Lib Dem peer Dick Taverne over Brexit.

Dick Taverne has the right to his opinion, At the moment some things may look a bit brighter than forecast, but not for long as time will tell.

Before the next general election, this country will have to go through the biggest political storm that it has ever known.

The lightning will strike followed by the mighty thunderstorm. God help us then.

From: Terry Palmer, South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley.

BREXIT was a cry of anger from the North, say MPs like Barnsley’s Dan Jarvis.

Every one of the South Yorkshire constituencies voted for Brexit while every one of their MPs voted to remain.

Dan Jarvis continues “the will of the people is clear and, while I campaigned to remain in the EU, it is now the duty of politicians to implement that decision”. No mention that the real reasons his and other constituencies voted for Brexit was not only neglect but sovereignty and immigration.

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

SOMEHOW, the brave new world of Brexit loses its sparkle as we go surging back to the 1950s with the possible reintroduction of grammar schools. Is this prompting some to salivate over the lip-smacking possibility of the return of capital and corporal punishment?