YP Letters: EU was the architect of own Brexit downfall

EU supremo Jean Claude-Juncker is accused of being inflexible over freedom of movement.
EU supremo Jean Claude-Juncker is accused of being inflexible over freedom of movement.
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From: Coun Paul Andrews (Ind), Malton Ward, Ryedale Council.

I WONDER how many readers can see through your many angry, partisan Brexit correspondents and see the tragedy which is unfolding.

For decades the trade unions have fought to raise the living standards of working people, and to improve their working conditions.

This has made all of us expect high wages for work which is secure and not too stressful, dangerous or for long hours.

This worked well while the EU was a small club of seven nations, all with similar living standards: it fell apart when the EU took in many other countries, most of them with much lower living standards and wage expectations.

Businesses and institutions rarely stay the same. They either grow or they contract. As they change they have to change their policies, aims and objectives. They are doomed if they don’t.

Unfortunately the EU Commission can’t see this. They cannot see that it is appropriate for an EU of 27 nations to maintain freedom of movement, capital, goods and services, but not freedom of movement of labour.

However well-intentioned, freedom of movement of labour has undermined all the hard work which achieved excellent living conditions for working families.

The result has left working people in Europe wide open to right wing propaganda.

The consequences hardly bear thinking about, but we should be clear who is responsible for this.

The people responsible are Jean-Claude Juncker and his followers who do not understand that, in order to survive, the EU must change with the times: they frustrated David Cameron’s laudable efforts at negotiation.

We should ponder this as Brexit approaches, the pound weakens and our economy crumbles.

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

I HAVE almost given up watching the news on BBC and ITV as they insist on giving negative news and rarely mention anything positive.

At the moment they are having yet another bashing of the NHS but, when patients are interviewed, most say how good their treatment as been.

It’s the same with any good economic news.

The revival of the steel industry in Rotherham and the move of McLaren from the EU to make the chassis of its cars in the UK should be at the top of the news, but it was only mentioned on our local bulletin.

It is clear these institutions are against Brexit but it is happening and they should be encouraging us all to realise that the UK can become great again.

From: DS Boyes, Upper Rodley Lane, Leeds.

THE concerns over excessive numbers of vehicles on our roads were correct, but when will anyone in authority recognise that this problem, and many others, is due to over-population?

Next year is the 50th anniversary of Enoch Powell’s infamous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech which ended his political career and commenced extreme political correctness in this country.

Much of what he warned has come to pass, but all three main political parties remain in denial.

From: B Crowther, Walton, Wakefield.

WHY are the so called stars hell-bent on criticising the Government on its immigration and refugee policy?

If they are so upset, why doesn’t each one agree to take 
in and look after two or three each?

Don’t hold your breath on that one. Hypocrites, the lot of them.

There can be no doubt all the problems with housing, schools, NHS etc are due to the the influx of a third of of a million people into this country each year.

This cannot go on.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

ONCE again we have luvvies like Gary Lineker professing to know better than our leaders when it comes to offering refuge to child migrants.

If they are so very concerned, they should fund them out of their own millions and not expect the taxpayer to foot the bill.

From: Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster.

SHADOW Business Secretary, Clive Lewis, resigned so that he could vote against Brexit and the triggering of Article 50. Did he, and others, not understand the result of the referendum?

The British people voted to leave the EU. Apparently Mr Lewis thinks his personal opinion is much more important than the will of the people, this man and any others who don’t understand how democracy works should never be allowed to hold a post in government.

Unhealthy for our planet

From: Philip Tate, Butterwick, Malton.

TO a large extent, it does not matter whether fracking can be done “safely”. A bag of doughnuts can be cooked safely – but that does not turn them into a healthy snack, even if the jam is organic.

This planet is ill. As David Attenborough says: “Her beauty is blemished and her health is failing.” What we need is the equivalent of a low calorie energy policy. A healthy option for the planet to recover its strength.

Our atmosphere is choking and our seas are full of plastic. Just as the overweight must reduce their dependency on sugar, so as a nation we must reduce our dependency on the use of hydrocarbons.

Fracking is the equivalent of a new sugary drink. It is not a healthy option. In fact, it is a decidedly unhealthy option. It requires the improper use of open countryside and its product will do nothing to improve air quality. The extraction of shale gas is a business opportunity for an industry which has no more interest in reducing our dependency on hydrocarbons than a drug dealer has in seeing his customers go clean.

Thank goodness for the hardy souls at the Kirkby Misperton Protection Camp who are drawing attention to this madness.