YP Letters: Even Labour know full well that Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable

Jeremy Corbyn, campaigning in Morley on Tuesday.
Jeremy Corbyn, campaigning in Morley on Tuesday.
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From: Christopher Clapham, Shipley.

HUNDREDS of seats go in mixed night for Corbyn (The Yorkshire Post, May 6) Joke over. This man wants to be Prime Minister!

The truth is simple. The May elections were a major disaster for the Labour Party – and an even bigger mess when you consider that the Conservatives are in office and it is usual for opposition parties to make gains, not massive losses.

Since the fall of communism in the late 1980s, thanks to Gorbachev, Reagan and our own Margaret Thatcher, left-wing politics has been out of fashion, hence the Tony Blair era of making the Labour Party electable for a while.

This was after Michael Foot, another Labour leader, was deemed unelectable by the voting public. The difference this time is that the Parliamentary Labour Party has deemed its leader Jeremy Corbyn unelectable before the electors even get to the polls.

I have seen Jeremy Corbyn and his left-wing rabble in action on television, and in The Yorkshire Post. The prospect of any one of them even running a parish council would be a disaster. The question now is whether Corbyn will stand down before the Conservatives’ landslide victory on June 8 or after.

From: Alan Chapman, Bingley.

AT the weekend I was in Leeds and saw the large flag of St George on several city centre buildings, the bold red crosses on the white backgrounds were splendid.

On Monday, I drove up Airedale to a traditional country pub for a splendid lunch. En route, I passed two country churches flying the same flag. I returned via Wharfedale again spotting churches proudly displaying St George’s red cross.

The weather was dry, tinged with sunny interludes, quite idyllic. Then it occurred to me if Labour win the General Election to make Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister, there will be two replacement flags flying over former Great Britain – those of Russia and Hamas.

From: LR Hirst, Northorpe Lane, Mirfield.

HOW do the Labour Party hope to form a government with people like Diane Abbott?

She never gave one correct figure when asked what it would cost for an extra 10,000 police.

At the present moment, we can’t recruit men for the Armed Forces.

Can anybody imagine Diane Abbott being Home Secretary? You need educated people, not someone from a Co-op committee.