YP Letters: Even the greenest can’t avoid using fossil fuel

The fracking site at Kirby Misperton.
The fracking site at Kirby Misperton.
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From: Lorraine Allanson, Rains Farm Holidays, Allerston, Pickering.

FRIENDS of the Earth campaign fervently against fossil fuels and hydraulic fracturing for shale gas.

In fact, in the FotE Trust’s 2016 Report and Statement of Accounts, they state on page 18 that they want England, Wales and Ireland to be fossil fuel free by 2020 and the whole of Europe by 2030 – no mention of Scotland.

They fail to recognise just how much our lives rely upon, and benefit from the infinite uses we have for cheap, reliable and abundant fossil fuels.

Common sense dictates that it will take several decades to fully replace fossil fuels due to the major role they play in our very comfortable lives.

The letter by Simon Bowens (The Yorkshire Post, April 21) was written upon his return from holidaying in France.

Mr Bowens, who is Friends of the Earth’s regional campaign co-ordinator for the North East, exclaimed ‘Rule puts brakes on the spread of fracking’. Did Simon put the brakes on his bicycle when he was travelling 
to France or did he use fossil fuels?

Even bikes and electric cars are manufactured using fossil fuels.

Let’s hope next time he travels abroad he walks.