YP Letters: Experts everywhere, so why no good ideas?

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From: Paul Emsley, Hellifield.

HAVE you noticed how today the media is full of ‘experts’?

If this country is so awash with such brilliance, why do we have all the national issues/problems/concerns that we have?

Every radio and television programme, and every newspaper and magazine article, rolls out their so-called expert to spout forth on the subject matter, but at the end of the item, they do not provide definitive advice as to a solution to the issue – a bit like consultants and politicians really. For somebody to be an ‘expert’, they should be able to construct and substantiate a particular solution and be willing to stand by their interpretation of the available evidence, which leads them to their solution.

What we all need is a good dollop of common sense.

When I was an apprentice learning my trade, the 
definition of ‘expert’ that I 
was given was that ‘X’ is an unknown quantity and ‘spurt’ is a drip under pressure.