YP Letters: Fears over impact of EU exit on the fragile global economy

Ukip leader Nigel Farage is the latest politician to be accused of ducking questions over the EU.
Ukip leader Nigel Farage is the latest politician to be accused of ducking questions over the EU.
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From: Les Parkes, Southway, Harrogate.

WOULD a member of Ukip please explain how Nigel Farage can ignore the following statement as he did during a brief TV interview on Saturday evening?

“On Saturday, the 27th February, finance ministers from the G20 nations voiced concerns about the impact of a leave vote. In a communiqué at the end of their summit in China, they listed ‘the shock of a potential UK exit from the European Union’ as one of several factors 
posing a threat to the global recovery”.

From: Dr Bob Heys, Bar Lane, Sowerby Bridge.

THOSE campaigning for a ‘Brexit’ from the European 
Union should realise that such action is likely to rule out any prospect of the financial support from that organisation which is currently anticipated in the event of further flooding in the North of England, particularly Yorkshire.

From: Nick Yates, Brighouse.

THE Prime Minister has completed his renegotiation with the EU. He should now take a step back, occupy a neutral position acting as an “honest broker” and instruct the Civil Service to prepare for whatever the British people decide. He would gain respect.

From: Margaret Whitaker, Harswell, East Yorkshire.

I AM pleased to note that 10 Downing Street has apologised to General Sir Michael Rose for misrepresenting his views on EU membership and security.

Most people had been given their ascent, but this brave warrior had decided to make his own perilous way up those forbidden heights. Truly one of the boys of the Old Brigade.

From: D Wood, Howden.

MARY Creagh MP (The Yorkshire Post, February 25) states that “the EU is the longest and most successful peace and process the world has ever seen”. Is this woman having a laugh at our expense? She claims the EU has seen 70 years of peace, dos she really not know that the EU has only existed for 22 years?

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

I REALISE that the EU in/out referendum seems to be the main topic in the media of late. Shouldn’t we be carefully watching the rise of Donald Trump’s popularity in the USA?

Can he really be trusted with his finger on the red button?