YP Letters: Fire and police deserve to have pay cap lifted

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From: Ivan Kovacks, Leeds.

INITIALLY I was very pleased to see the latest news that the NHS will have the annual one per cent cap on pay rises lifted and will get six per cent over three years. I think they deserve this after all the years of financial hardship.

Since this pay cap came in to effect, NHS staff have worked above and beyond the call of duty; they are under constant pressure, understaffed, suffer high levels of stress and sickness.

However, so do my old friends and colleagues in the fire and police services, they suffer in the same way as the NHS staff that they often work alongside. I think it almost criminal that one of the three emergency services gets picked out for a more favourable pay award. It should be all or none.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

If our government can fund another country with millions of pounds, which they then spent on an English football team, then surely they can afford to fund an efficient police service which could then protect the citizens of this country, whether farmers in the countryside being abused by hare coursers or young people in our cities being knifed to death by other young gang members? Perhaps the police would then be able to deal with offences such as burglary and shop theft, which they now cannot even attend.