YP Letters: Flaws in Leeds Bradford Airpiort transport plan

Expansion plans for Doncaster Sheffield Airport, including a new rail link, could boost passenger and freight traffic.
Expansion plans for Doncaster Sheffield Airport, including a new rail link, could boost passenger and freight traffic.
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From: Ron Healey, Howard Drive, York.

FULL marks to Tom Richmond for his perceptive views (The Yorkshire Post, December 10) about the Yeadon airport access plans. One can only speculate about such half-baked park and ride plan having been seemingly endorsed by the so-called panel of experts employed to advise Leeds transport planners.

Some of them have a good reputation for pursuing radical measures on transport/environment issues, though there is only one there to ensure the needs of cyclists/walkers would be taken on board.

However, Tom failed to acknowledge the failure of this proposed scheme to provide seamless access for touring cyclists from/to such locations across the region as Wakefield, Skipton, Huddersfield, Selby and York.

Too many transport planners seem keen to put all their eggs in the park and ride basket, a now outdated concept that simply encourages more car journeys, as we can see in York suffering from resultant central area pedestrian and bus congestion.

On the other hand, experienced rail industry executives have worked with local transport academics for CBT (Campaign for Better Transport) area group to produce an excellent report which Leeds councillors should read, not just as a critique of LCC’s own plan, but as an alternative rail scheme to enhance access for the airport benefitting flight users and staff.

The parkway station is also a concept from the past, and should not be adopted as a stop-gap – instead Leeds should go for significant capital investment in the necessary infrastructure to meet the access needs for a growing airport.

From: Martyn Ainsley, Leathley.

TOM Richmond’s article is so well written and outlines how Leeds City Council seem unable to deliver any long term vision for Leeds.

Having spent most of my life and business in Leeds, I am appalled at where as a city we are going.

From: Ron Firth, Campsall.

I AM delighted to see (The Yorkshire Post, December 13) that Doncaster Sheffield Airport is pushing forward plans to expand on the facilities already there, to take some of the pressure off the London airports both in passenger and freight flights.

The close proximity of the airport to the East Coast main line must make a new electrified link or a slight realignment of ECML a compelling and very urgent priority in the development of a Northern Powerhouse.

Doncaster Airport could, and does, cope with the largest aircraft. Leeds Bradford, on the other hand, must – sooner rather than later – realise that its restricted runway, problems with fog and strong winds and the near certainty that they will never satisfactorily solve the transport link, must concentrate on its current holiday destinations using smaller aircraft.

Doncaster Airport already has extensive motorway links and the fastest trains from Leeds to Doncaster take about half an hour, and some 10 minutess longer to the airport if the line is adjusted.

If, as seems likely, Brexit means we need to do more business globally, rather than concentrating on Europe, it would seem sensible for those major centres in the North East such as Newcastle, Darlington etc to journey via ECML to Doncaster Airport for worldwide flights from there. Hopefully this would reduce the number of internal flights to Heathrow, reducing congestion there.

From: Mrs Val Moody, Little Smeaton, Pontefract.

SINCE flying from Doncaster’s airport during its first passenger carrying week of operation, I have written to The Yorkshire Post on several occasions querying why, with all plusses going for it, passenger numbers have not grown.

It has never been rocket science to appreciate every positive thing regarding location, clearer air space, deprived area benefits in employment potential, etc.

Having had to trek to Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted many, many times, the foreseeable travel time from the South today sounds wonderful.

I am 80 so will never know this happening, probably, but bring it on! Wonderful news for our region at last.

Trouser Press for PM May

From: Anthony Hopkins, Carlton Drive, Guiseley.

FOLLOWING the recent furore caused by a certain MP in relation to the Prime Minister’s trousers, the BBC reports that a pair of bloomers worn by Queen Victoria are confidently expected to sell for in excess of £6,000 in an upcoming auction.

It appears that Theresa May picked up a real bargain at a mere £1,000 for her leather elegance. It is so reassuring to know Nicky Morgan, the former Education Secretary, has the vital interests of the governance of the UK top of her agenda.

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

PM Theresa May and Nicky Morgan MP have, respectively, paid £1,000 each for trousers and handbag (The Yorkshire Post, December 14).

Does this not call into question, if not their sanity, their judgement and total disconnection with the realities of millions? Perhaps we are paying them far too much?

Most worryingly of all; I can feel myself starting to warm to scruffbag Boris Johnson.