YP Letters: Follow Maryland and Scots example and ban fracking here in Yorkshire

Fracking protesters in Kirby Misperton.
Fracking protesters in Kirby Misperton.
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From: Russell Scott, Cropton, Ryedale.

THIS week the Scottish government has announced a ban on fracking. Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse told MSPs that the practice “cannot and will not take place in Scotland”.

Mr Wheelhouse said the consultation came back with “overwhelming” opposition to fracking, with 99 per cent of the 60,000 respondents supporting a ban. He said this showed that “there is no social licence for unconventional oil and gas to be taken forward at this time”. Also in news this week was that Maryland become the third US state to permanently ban hydraulic fracturing, ending several years of debate over whether to allow the gas extraction.

Yet fracking firm Third Energy, facilitated by our weak government, presses ahead with plans to frack at Kirby Misperton. In doing so, they ignore the risks now proven in the peer-reviewed scientific studies and continue to ignore the vast majority of our community who oppose fracking. It’s time we followed the examples set by Scotland and Maryland and ban fracking here too.

From: David Cragg-James, Stonegrave, York.

THIRSK and Malton MP Kevin Hollinrake referred to fracking protesters at Kirby Misperton by using the expression “mob rule”. This would be amusing were it not so serious and indicative of his ignorance of what is going on at the protest site.

The “mob” at Kirby Misperton, sadly seldom more than 20-30 strong for most of the day, is composed largely of retired people mixing with younger committed and inspiring souls and a welcome mixture of family groups, including mums with toddlers.

This “mob” faces a usually benign police presence sometimes 70 strong. The “mob” don’t get much chance to “rule”, much as we would like to. The experience is often that of a family day out – a family with principles. This is no justification for a blatant attempt to whip up public antagonism via inappropriate language.

From: Sue Cuthbert, Newton on Rawcliffe, Ryedale.

MANY people think that fracking will give us cheaper gas and electricity. Not so. All gas produced in Britain goes into the grid and is sold to the highest bidder. We sell 30 per cent of our gas abroad, but this Government tells us that fracking is an important part of its stategy to provide the UK with greater energy security.