YP Letters: Fracking in Ryedale – and the EU referendum

Demonstrators react with dismay after North Yorkshire councillors backed a controversial fracking application.
Demonstrators react with dismay after North Yorkshire councillors backed a controversial fracking application.
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From: Steve Pearse, Great Barugh, Malton.

MP Kevin Hollinrake has gone back on his word to represent his constituents in Westminster and not the reverse, and he is now supported by a county council who overlooked 4,000 objections and backed a fracking application.

One has to question whether this process has now become a political action as opposed to a decision made to serve the people of North Yorkshire. I attended the meeting on Friday and spoke to the committee, placing on record my concerns about the potential consequences to the tourist and farming industries who are, by far, the biggest employers in the region; and also the long-term issues of damage to the environment after decommissioning.

At present there are still massive gaps in the regulation of the fracking industry, despite 
Mr Hollinrake’s continued reference to a ‘gold standard’ regulation.

North Yorkshire County Council has now gone out on a limb by placing itself liable to future litigation if farmland, stock or water supplies are poisoned and such damage is only found after Third Energy have decommissioned and moved on.

The NFU is already taking fracking into consideration for future insurance policies and landowners, tenant farmers and others reliant on the beautiful landscape in which we live will not wish to or even be able to foot the bill.

This decision, as it stands, sets a precedent. It starts with just one well but if allowed to proceed unchecked will change the Northern landscape forever.

From: Anne Stewart, Helmsley.

HAVING been at County Hall on the first day of the application to frack at KM8, and then returned on Monday, I naively thought no rational person could possibly allow fracking in beautiful Ryedale, even if they didn’t live there. The final vote was rushed, people and common sense ignored; the whole thing a farce.

From: Michael Tanner, Southlands Court, Nawton.

I SAT through the two day planning meeting to decide the fracking application at KM8. Every argument was totally dismissed by the applicant and planning officer as if it were complete nonsense.

The decision could have been made without any meeting or representations. In all, a travesty of democracy, and very disrespectful to the people of Ryedale.

From: Brian Ormondroyd, Birchwood Court, Ilkley

APPROVAL for fracking in North Yorkshire is a Judas-like betrayal of local folk. No way can shale gas exploitation be permitted.

From: Dr Peter Williams, Newbiggin, Malton.

IT is alarming that Kevin Hollinrake, MP for Thirsk and Malton, has such a close relationship with the fracking industry that it fell to his predecessor, now Baroness McIntosh, to stand up for his constituents, at NYCC and declare that fracking would turn Ryedale into “an industrial site on a massive” scale. This makes a mockery of the idea that MPs are elected to represent their electorate.

From: Martyn L Scargill, Chantry Meadows, Kilham.

WITH regard to fracking, it is high time that the whole twisted and detestable idea was consigned to the dustbin of mindless short-sighted insanity for all time.

From: Dr Simon Sweeney, University of York.

SINCE our elected representatives and the UK Government have no intention of resisting the fracking industry, one of the few defences we will have left is EU Environmental law and the Habitats Directive (1992).

Calm analysis needed on EU

From: John Easterbrook, Driffield.

I WAS born into a Conservative family, and have remained ‘true blue’ all my life, and to date it has served me well.

The ‘in-out EU’ issue is one of the most important to face us all. It is very complex with dangers and benefits relating to remaining or leaving.

Fair and balanced genuine analyses are required to help the UK population decide, but what we are getting is extreme portrayals in both directions. David Cameron, you should be ashamed of yourself and your Government for this.

I will probably vote Leave, although I remain open to arguments, but I will certainly no longer support the Tory party unless it changes its character significantly. Thank you, The Yorkshire Post, for providing space to air both sets of views and, hopefully, find a balance to aid decisions.

From: JA King, Thurgoland, Sheffield.

ONE has to ask the question: Should the Remain MPs have to resign if we vote for Brexit?

From: Peter Bye, Park Crescent, Addingham.

I AM becoming increasing disappointed with the effectiveness of Boris Johnson to a point where I am beginning to think he has been planted by David Cameron. All he has proven so far is that he is not Prime Minister material. David Davis, the Haltemprice and Howden MP, would be so much more effective.

From: Gary Mason, Hensall, Goole.

HOW refreshing to have a calm considered opinion (Vince Cable, The Yorkshire Post, May 25). We know Sir Vince would prefer to stay in the EU, but he manages to put the facts as he sees them from his experience as a Minister who commanded respect from all sides for his considered and calm responses and opinions.