YP Letters: Fracking takes toll in police cash and protesters’ rights

Have police tactics at the Kirby Misperton fracking site been heavy-handed?
Have police tactics at the Kirby Misperton fracking site been heavy-handed?
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From: Dr Peter Williams, Newbiggin, Malton.

A REPORTED £100,000 was spent in September by North Yorkshire Police on their presence at the fracking site at Kirby Misperton, yet we have seen on the television news that many of the protesters are local pensioners and farmers.

Policing elsewhere in the county is suffering, and further cost increases will have to be borne by the taxpayer. As international energy costs are falling, why do we need expensive shale gas? Leading experts on sedimentary geology say that fracking in Britain will be economically unviable – even more so if policing costs are included. So why allow fracking here when it is banned in Scotland, France, Germany and the Netherlands?

Why have the fracking companies been given tax breaks while Government investment in solar energy has been cut? Who will pick up the tab for environmental damage when the fracking companies are already millions in debt?

From: Neil Bye, Church Street, Castleton.

AT 10am on October 30, our car was stopped by police at the roundabout in Kirby Misperton. The road was closed to traffic because of ‘protectors’ blocking Habton Road.

I wanted to attend the peaceful assembly on Habton Road. I use a walking frame and can walk about 200m before it becomes difficult. The policeman informed me that I could walk to the assembly. I explained this was not possible. I asked if my wife could drive me there and drop me off. This was refused. I was told I could exercise my rights at the roadblock but not join the ‘protectors’ as was my desire.

I think my right to peaceful assembly was violated simply because I am disabled. The Equality Act 2010 says that you must not be discriminated against because of a disability.

This is a prime example of the disproportionate policing that is happening at the Habton Road fracking site. How many civil rights were transgressed?

From: Sue Cuthbert, Newton on Rawcliffe, Ryedale.

THERESA May has recently rejected calls for a moratorium on fracking in England.

However the Government’s recent Defra report stated that homes in fracking areas will devalue by about seven per cent and those close to fracking sites will be difficult to sell.

North Yorkshire is a Tory heartland. How will she explain to Tory voters that the homes that they have worked hard for, will be so adversely affected?