YP Letters: Gift of road safety refresher would be welcome

Would the Highway Code be a good Christmas present?
Would the Highway Code be a good Christmas present?
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From: Mike Dodgson, Marchwood, Sheffield.

A GOOD Christmas present for both young and old would be a copy of the latest Highway Code, especially if it has not been purchased or reviewed within the last three years.

Just reading through the Highway Code would refresh driving standards and be good for young family members, especially young cyclists who are new to cycling near motor vehicles and pedestrians.

The code warns of potential dangers as well as highlighting laws and rules.

Drivers who persistently speed, drive unlit vehicles at twilight times and in the rain and also indicate late, use mobiles, lack appreciation of road surfaces (especially ice), drive too close to the car in front, park inconsiderately near school junctions, pedestrian crossings and pavements, should 
benefit – to the advantage of 
all road users.

However, there are far too many drivers and riders that, it seems by nature, may never conform and I have to accept that the very small cost of purchasing this potentially life-saving booklet would, for them, be a complete waste of money. In my opinion, books on courtesy and road accidents could be better for such individuals. If nothing else, take back control by fitting winter tyres.