YP Letters: Have a sense of pride and end scourge of litter

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From: Marilyn S Shaw, Thornhill, Dewsbury.

I AM dismayed, disgusted and disappointed by the amount of rubbish that litters our towns, cities and countryside. Young people are not the only ones responsible as much rubbish is thrown from vehicles.

In addition to this is the amount of regular fly-tipping which has then to be removed by councils. It seems short-sighted of councils to charge for vans to bring rubbish in when they then have to send out their own vehicles when the rubbish has been fly-tipped in, usually, a local beauty spot.

With regard to the thoughtless people who throw out rubbish from their cars, or drop cans down where they walk, surely it does not need a great deal of intelligence to think about taking their rubbish home with them and putting in their own bins?

I really don’t believe they need a Mensa-level IQ or degree to use their grey matter in this instance.

In my local area, there are a group of women and men who have taken to ‘clearing up days’ and have made a splendid job (I will join them on their next ‘day’), and I say thank you for your public spirit.

Can my fellow citizens please, please think about the beautiful country we have, show a little pride and take home any litter they make?