YP Letters: How technology can cure NHS of its ills

Can new technology help GPs?
Can new technology help GPs?
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From: Bryn Sage, Chief executive, Inhealthcare, Cardale House, Cardale Park, Harrogate.

IN response to Dr P V Shevlin (The Yorkshire Post, March 29), we agree the resulting pressure falls onto GPs and junior doctors. However, we would like to give a second opinion to Dr Shevlin’s terminal diagnosis for the NHS.

Digital technology could be the silver bullet to the NHS’s productivity problems which could, in turn, hugely improve staff morale. Traditional, face-to- face GP and hospital clinics can be typically resource intensive, but through the use of digital health, remote management services can be deployed to avoid the need for these appointments.

Clinician time and travel costs can be significantly 
saved. GPs and junior doctors’ time is then more available for more complex patients which will have a positive effect on spirits, recruitment and retention.

Leeds West CCG is leading the way by digitalising a pathway for chronic pain patients which revolves around an app, and sending data directly from patients to GPs. The average cost per provider intervention has reduced by 15 per cent, with around 2,000 referrals onto the service.

The adoption of digital initiatives like this need to be embraced on a wider scale before the NHS can go into full recovery.