YP Letters: HS2 is a pointless scheme going nowhere fast

Will HS2 boost the economy or not?
Will HS2 boost the economy or not?
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From: Dr David Hill, CEO, World Innovation Foundation, Huddersfield.

WHEN I look at HS2 I don’t see our political leaders as leaders, but failures.

For, if this is the best that they can come up with for the future of Britain (it is our biggest project by far), we all have to be highly concerned for the future wellbeing of our children.

HS2, in this respect, will do little if anything for the positive future GDP of the UK as equivalent railway systems have shown in other advanced nations; Japan, as the third largest economy in the world, being a prime example here with over 20 years of economic regression after the bullet train was introduced.

For as we know, getting to a destination 25 minutes earlier does not allow for, say, another meeting in London to be conducted and therefore there is no increased economic benefit.

What our politicians have to do is to think, for once, what the future world will be like and what will drive that world. I can tell them that it will not be a £100bn-and-counting HS2, but that only by capturing and developing new technological industries will we survive and prosper.

Once HS2 is built we will have no new industries from this colossal debt, it will all be borrowed money paid off in never-never land.