YP Letters: HS2 is not an investment in nation’s future

Can HS2 be justified when Britain is in so much debt?
Can HS2 be justified when Britain is in so much debt?
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From: Dr David Hill, CEO, World Innovation Foundation, Huddersfield.

POLITICIANS are well overdue a major reality check. I don’t want to seem to be a spoilsport at the start of a New Year, but the underlying fact is that things are not good for the UK.

Indeed the £65bn-and-counting HS2 project is a political vanity scheme to nowhere (both Labour and the Tories are guilty here), as it will not create any new industries employing hundreds of thousands of people once it is completed, just another ‘expensive’ railway line to London for which the taxpayer will pick up the tab.

But as UK debt has grown since 2010 and where the national debt alone has increased by £600bn, total debt may now well be for the whole of the UK, over £12 trillion (around five times our total economic output).

The problem also is that the elites who think that they know best do not realise that the answer resides within the British people themselves and where they simply need the creative infrastructure putting in place to solve all this. Certainly our universities or Whitehall have not the answer. Using their heads for a change, they would see that the cost would be the same as HS2, but this would give the nation a dynamic future unlike a train line to economic nowhere, wherever that may be.