YP Letters: Hunters need medical attention, not adulation

Should there be an outright ban on fox hunting?
Should there be an outright ban on fox hunting?
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From: Martyn Scargill, Chantry Meadows, Kilham.

IN reply to letters regarding the despicable and hateful pursuit of fox hunting, no decent and civilised society should hurt defenceless creatures in a horrible death and call it “sport”.

It is no such thing, and panders only to the “needs” of a minority of people who are evidently over-wealthy, over-privileged and who, in spite of endless decent and interesting activities these days, gain some sort of sick and perverted “pleasure” in this type of thing.

I am no town-dweller and know that most people in the countryside do not support these barbaric and obnoxious rampages through the countryside, endangering pets and other wildlife, and perhaps small children, as they do.

Why can these people not appreciate the flora of the fields and woods, and encourage others to do likewise? This would create a better general appreciation of nature and our landscape.

The crazy teachings of pro-hunting organisations are not in tune with what the countryside is all about, and it conveys to townspeople the wrong idea of what the countryside is about.

It is high time that a final line was drawn under this sick issue, once and for all. To put it politely, I feel that the love of the hunt is a condition that requires prompt medical attention.