YP Letters: If EU makes most of our laws, let’s cut MP salaries to match

David Cameron during a Q&A at The Yorkshire Post's offices.
David Cameron during a Q&A at The Yorkshire Post's offices.
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From: Walter Sweeney, Former Vale of Glamorgan Tory MP and Maastricht rebel, Newbegin, Beverley.

OUR Prime Minister has brought ridicule upon himself by trailing around the EU asking for nothing and getting less than nothing.

Imagine what might have happened if we had had a prime minister like Margaret Thatcher conducting the negotiations. We could have asked for real change.

It is a disgrace that most of our MPs, who are paid substantial salaries to either serve in government or to scrutinise legislation from the backbenches, seem happy to hand over responsibility to the EU for running many aspects of our lives. According to Business for Britain, 64.7 per cent of our laws, if you include the directives implemented by Parliament and the regulations which are directly applicable, emanate from the EU.

I would like all those MPs who abnegate their responsibilities and favour remaining in the EU to be given a 64.7 per cent pay cut, and see how they like it.

From: Hugh Rogers, Ashby.

THE Remain campaign say that the Health Service would collapse without immigrant staff.

But the reality is that following Britain’s exit from the EU, medical staff from Europe will be just as free to apply to work in this country as doctors and nurses from anywhere else in the world. And why on earth should those already here want to go home to poor wages and a lower standard of living? The NHS is in no danger if we leave Europe.

That’s just scaremongering.

From: Alan Chapman, Bingley.

WATCHING Andrew Neil interview George Osborne MP on television was quite a revelation, Osborne has become a very dangerous man, a politician who believes his own lies.

Despite Andrew Neil repeatedly pointing out anomalies with counter data and previous public video statements, the Chancellor kept banging on with a loud bold monologue attempting to deceive the viewing public.

Osborne employs the tactic of the more you repeat it and the louder you say it then eventually you will convince your gullible audience.

Osborne confirms my intention to vote Leave on EU referendum day.

From: John Dawson, Gainsborough Court, Skipton.

LET us give the lead and I believe others in Europe may follow. Let us not be scared by the fear stories spread by those who are afraid to do the right thing. On June 23, let us vote to leave.