YP Letters: Inflexible governments make case for devolution

Does Yorkshire matter to the Government?
Does Yorkshire matter to the Government?
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From: Alec Denton, Guiseley.

THANK you to Tom Richmond for once again giving a robust reminder to this frustrating Government that Yorkshire matters (The Yorkshire Post, October 17), though I agree with him that a referendum on devolution for Yorkshire 
has to be ‘the option of last resort’.

Sadly, and far too often, Government Ministers come across as lacking the ability 
to listen to other points of view and with limited flexibility, a poor negotiating stance that 
does not bode well for 

If Westminster and the vast majority of our Yorkshire councils cannot find common ground on devolution for Yorkshire, it is hardly surprising that EU negotiators, with English as a second language, struggle 
to understand the British 

The South East of England seems more and more to be in a world of its own and 
the sooner we have some 
degree of independence for Yorkshire the better.