YP Letters: Intimidation fears over gas fracking plan

The fracking protest site at Kirby Misperton.
The fracking protest site at Kirby Misperton.
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From: Lorraine Allanson, Rains Farm Holidays, Allerston, Pickering.

AS Yorkshire is at some point to start shale gas exploration it surely cannot be right that local businesses are intimidated for their involvement. This smacks of the tactics of animal rights protesters.

In Lancashire, Cuadrilla has commenced construction of a well pad for shale gas exploration. The anti-fracking protesters are now targeting the business premises of local companies operating in the supply chain.

One company released an email sent to Cuadrilla saying: “As you are aware, the protesters have now moved to block our St Annes depot, we have been unable to move raw materials in and concrete out to any of our customers this morning.

“I understand that this blockade will continue whilst we are supplying your contract. In view of the drastic effect this is now having on the rest of my customers, we have no alternative but to cease supplies to the above site.”

Is this the kind of country and economic environment we wish to live and work in? Yorkshire companies need to show more grit once operations start.

From: Michael Tanner, Nawton, Ryedale.

THE National Trust, which is opposed to fracking on its land, is currently being threatened with legal action if it does not allow gas giant Ineos to seismically survey its land in Nottingham to assess suitability for shale fracturing. A stark warning to Yorkshire landowners, where Ineos also holds exploration licences.

Sick of news about Trump

From: John Martin, Westfield Close, Hotham, York.

AM I the only person who is getting fed up with the BBC’s constant reporting? On a day when two people were shot dead on our streets, they opened with the headline that 1.5 million people had signed a petition against the President of the United States visiting this country. This was rammed down our throats on every news bulletin for days on end,

Not once was it stated that 98 per cent of the population found something more important to occupy their time.

I am informed that there are approximately three million Muslims in Britain so even if every one of the 1.5 million protesters were Muslims it follows that the remaining 1.5 million weren’t all that bothered about Donald Trump’s sensible stance on allowing a 90 day- ban so that immigrants can be checked out in detail.

How sad that The Yorkshire Post has joined in the hype with the article (The Yorkshire Post, January 31) in which we were informed that crowds gathered outside the gates of Downing Street to hear from (I kid you not) “high profile speakers” including a pop star, a “left wing activist” and, wait for it, Ed Miliband! How high profile can you get?

Surely speed is dangerous

From: Malcolm Wright, Harrogate.

AT York Crown Court, a man who drove at 91mph on the A64 was found to have fitted a device designed to jam speed traps (The Yorkshire Post, February 8).

This device also enabled North Yorkshire Police to establish he had been speeding on nine previous occasions. Judge Stubbs remarked on the culprit’s arrogance, but also astonishingly, reassured him that he “did not pose a danger to the public”.

This was no borderline case and I wonder if His Honour would elaborate on the purpose of speed limits. At what point do speed freaks become dangerous to we lesser mortals?

Her majesty is HM not HRH

From: Jim Neary, Ripon.

THANK you Jayne Dowle for an excellent article on our longest serving monarch (The Yorkshire Post, February 6). However, it contained the faux pas of twice referring to the Queen as “HRH” or ”Her Royal Highness”. Please note that HRH stands for His/Her Royal Highness, a style associated with princes and princesses of the United Kingdom. She is Her Majesty – HM.

BMA edict for a mad world

From: Edward Grainger, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough.

THE world’s gone mad after the British Medical Association edict that pregnant women are not to be called expectant mothers (The Yorkshire Post, January 30). If they are now to be called pregnant people, does that mean that ‘mother knows best’ is an expression of the past and does it end the celebration of Mothering Sunday? It smacks of the ridiculous beyond belief.

Powerhouse plans foiled

From: Mr PJ Sumner, Whiston, Rotherham.

NORTHERN Powerhouse Minister Andrew Percy has decided on spurious legal grounds that Yorkshire is not allowed to have its own grand council. I thought he was in post

to help the area, so first could he make clear what these grounds are and then get them changed so we can proceed?

Sir Ken knew cure for NHS

From: Mrs S Senior, Liversedge.

IF Sir Ken Morrison had had a hand in running the NHS, it might not be in the parlous state it is. He once said: “If you don’t know how to run your own business, it’s time to give up, isn’t it?” He was referring to management consultants.