YP Letters: Is Tanya Arnold’s trip to Rio value for money?

Is the BBc's coverage of the Rio Olympics over the top?
Is the BBc's coverage of the Rio Olympics over the top?
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From: Neville Balmer, Sicklinghall, Yorkshire.

I WAS watching the BBC early evening local news the other day when suddenly Tanya Arnold, the BBC’s local sports correspondent in Yorkshire, appeared briefly 
on my screen – all the way from Rio.

Then it occurred to me, have all the BBC’s regional sports staff nationwide gone to Rio together with cameramen, make up artists and the like?

Can I suggest that the total cost of Tanya and her crew’s visit to Rio, along with all the other BBC regional parties, is made available and divided by the precise number of minutes and seconds of actual screen time ignoring any repeat 

Only in this way will the British licence payer be able to decide whether or not they are getting value for money. A comparison with ITV’s Rio bill could also be quite revealing!

From: Hannah Doyle, Malton.

PLEASE can someone tell Clare Balding that the Olympics are about the medal winners, and great sporting achievements, rather than her own self-importance. It makes you appreciate great broadcasters like Des Lynam and the late David Coleman even more.