YP Letters: Is Yorkshire’s claim to some of sport’s top names legitimate?

Tommy Simpson was a cycling legend, but was he a Yorkshireman?
Tommy Simpson was a cycling legend, but was he a Yorkshireman?
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From: Graham Lawton, Manor Fields, Market Weighton.

IN Nick Westby’s article on British cycling (The Yorkshire Post, July 23), he states ‘...Brian Robinson, Tommy Simpson and Barry Hoban; Yorkshiremen all...’.

Tom Simpson was a boyhood hero of mine and I have visited his monument on Mont Ventoux several times. Much as I wish he was a Yorkshireman, he isn’t. He was born in Haswell, County Durham.

On the same point, your tennis journalists keep referring to Kyle Edmund as a Yorkshireman. He may have lived in Beverley and gone to school in Pocklington but he was born in South Africa, a long way from Yorkshire. Nevertheless, I hope he has a very successful tennis career.

Surely to be a Yorkshireman/woman you must have been born within the Broad Acres, otherwise it is a pointless description.

Perhaps two Yorkshire and England cricketers sum this up. Craig White was brought up in Australia but was born in Morley, Leeds, and is therefore a Yorkshireman.

Michael Vaughan was 
brought up in Sheffield but 
born in Eccles and so is not a Yorkshireman.

Perhaps you would wish to comment on your understanding of the definition of a Yorkshireman/woman.