YP Letters: It’s time out MPs took action on transport funds

Will the Government act over Northern Rail?
Will the Government act over Northern Rail?
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From: Diane Haigh, Scarborough.

WHILST I very much appreciate the sentiment behind your editorial (The Yorkshire Post, June 5) on transport, I wonder how much impact this will really have on our Government?

Whilst Northerners are left standing on platforms waiting for poor quality, late or non-existent trains, or face travelling for hours to reach an international airport, our Government yet again voted in a London-based project – a third runway at Heathrow Airport – worth billions of pounds.

It is high time that our Northern MPs took constructive and positive action to veto this huge disparity in North-South funding which impacts on every aspect of Northerners’ lives – health, education, job opportunities as well as 

Perhaps we need to get the Government and the House of Lords relocated to Leeds, Sheffield or Newcastle for example whilst the Houses of Parliament is being refurbished? That might open a few eyes.

From: Tom Burke, Harrogate.

I APPLAUD the North’s newspapers for taking a stand over rail. Perhaps Harrogate MP Andrew Jones and Skipton’s Julian Smith, the Chief Whip, would care to explain themselves.