YP Letters: Japanese lessons in gettting things done - like road repairs

How long will it take to repair the Ripon sinkhole?
How long will it take to repair the Ripon sinkhole?
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From: Shaun Kavanagh, Leeds.

HAVING watched the TV coverage of the recent appearance of the Tokyo sinkhole and the recent Ripon one, plus the bridge collapse in Tadcaster many months ago, the Japanese put this country to shame.

Tokyo repaired their 30 
metre wide by 30 feet deep 
hole in a week, from start
to finish including the reopening of the road and inclusive 
of the repairs to a number of sewers.

The Mayor of Tokyo then publicly apologised for the works over running by a day, and that was only because of bad weather.How fantastic was that repair, and in just a week?

Yet some residents in Ripon will probably not see a return to their homes for months, with Christmas just around the corner and Tadcaster has already experienced month after month of inconvenience.

What is the betting both 
these Yorkshire communities will be in the same state for 
many months with consultations, meetings, then more meetings with bureaucracy ensuring 
delay after delay, all of which costs thousands, if not 
millions, of wasted time and money?