YP Letters: Lack of hard shoulder on M1 could prove to be death-trap

Roadworks on the M1.
Roadworks on the M1.
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From: John Noton, Kent Road, Harrogate.

DRIVING down the M1 this week between Leeds and Wakefield, I was initially pleased to find the roadworks completed and the road clear - until I realised the hard shoulder has been turned into the first lane of the newly widened road.

So now there is nowhere for a broken down vehicle to go. The driver has to sit tight and pray he is not rammed by the articulated lorries thundering down behind him.

And if he tries to get out, perhaps to help free a child or elderly passenger, he has to step on to the carriageway and risk being hit by a vehicle travelling at 60mph.

So we now have a five mile stretch of motorway which is a death trap, with, no doubt, more to follow. This wholly irresponsible policy will inevitably lead to tragedy.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

THE very unimpressive junior transport minister Andrew Jones promises tougher sanctions for those who drive while using their mobile phone simultaneously.

Two questions. First, how does the Harrogate MP intend to enforce this when traffic police have been cut to the bone? Second, how is it possible for police cars to detect whether a HGV driver is using their phone – or not?

Once again, we have a pontificating politician making policy with little knowledge, or experience, of the subject in hand.

From: Harry Wilson, Fulford Mews, York.

IT was reported i that Leeds is going to have a ‘super-duper’ HS2 rail station. That may be so but they did not mention the antique trolley bus system to get to it. Sheffield, Nottingham, Croydon, Blackpool, all have light rail travel systems, Trams, they are quick, clean, and far more efficient than trundling trolley buses,

From: Ian Oglesby, High Catton Road, Stamford Bridge, York.

UPDATING our existing rail network makes far more economic sense than creating HS2 and would be a greater benefit to a wider section of the population. Projected fares on HS2 would be afforded only by the few and some others travelling at public expense.

The extensive disruption in both urban and rural areas to create a system which is not vandal proof and not accident-free, as recent tragic events have shown, cannot be justified.