YP Letters: Leaving EU is a fantastic opportunity to buy cheaper food

What now for Brexit?
What now for Brexit?
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From: JA King, Thurgoland, Sheffield.

HAVING been in sales and marketing for more than 35 years, I am astounded by the negativity of the Remoaners with regards to our leaving the EU.

I see this as a fantastic opportunity to buy most ofour food that we buy from the EU at a lower price outside the EU, as the EU impose large tariffs on goods not purchased from within the common market so as to keep the EU producers competitive.

Therefore, I see the cost of food imports falling, also allowing our own producers to produce more of home grown produce (Anne McIntosh, The Yorkshire Post, June 21).

With a massive trade deficit with the EU, one would have thought that they would have been on bended knees begging us for a good trade deal.

From: Don Wood, Howden.

IN the referendum, the Leave side won by a clear four per cent. Everyone who voted should have known what they were voting for, as those who didn’t already know were informed by David Cameron’s propaganda booklet sent to every household in Britain. Any MPs who are voting to defeat Brexit and represent constituencies that voted to Leave should resign their seats as they are not representing the people who elected them on a manifesto promise that stated they would deliver Brexit.

From: John Turley, Dronfield Woodhouse.

IT’S pity that that the ‘Vote Leave’ didn’t invite Les Brook (The Yorkshire Post, June 20) to join them on their campaign trail prior to the referendum, he could them have explained to voters as to what Leave would actually mean, so that there could then have been no misunderstanding.

Unfortunately many of the leading politicians on the Leave side were less clear. It was only after their unexpected victory that all the Leave politicians started singing from the same hymn sheet, and the ‘Leave means Leave’ pressure group was formed. No doubt they feared that if they had set out an agenda as clear as Lee Brook’s prior to the referendum, then the outcome might have been different.

From: Barrie Crowther, Walton, Wakefield.

LES Brook hits every nail on the head on why people voted Leave. Fed up with the constant interference from gravy train European bureaucrats and the constant strain on social services from unlimited immigration, there was no other choice.