YP Letters: Leeds Bradford Airport deserves its reputation

Leeds Bradford Airport continues to attract criticism.
Leeds Bradford Airport continues to attract criticism.
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From: Thomas Black, Denton, Ilkley.

AT this time of year, I presume you will receive a significant number of letters complaining about Leeds Bradford (International?) Airport.

As a frequent flyer, it definitely gets low marks from me.

A £3 charge for dropping people off is iniquitous.

On our last visit there was an empty police car parked at the roundabout to discourage people from being dropped off there.

Once you have been able to check in, you are then subjected to an information system which is almost unintelligible.

If you survive all of this, then you have the return journey to look forward to.

Last week we waited for 25 minutes for our luggage – almost as long as our flight! It is a shame the airport is so badly run.

Scruffs show no respect

From: David Treacher, Nelson Road, Hull.

WHEN I attend church on Sunday, I find the standard of dress has gone down. People wear shorts, jeans and baggy T-shirts on a regular basis. What is wrong with a suit?

When you are going to church, you are there in respect to God. The same is done often for funerals, weddings and similar events in a church. Has the standard of dress dropped? I know we live in more modern times but you are there in respect of someone, be it God or some other earthly person, and should dress in respect to them.

It is, after all, good manners.

Not just police are fat of land

From: D Webb, Rothwell.

RE Jayne Dowle (The Yorkshire Post, July 25). The thin blue line became the ever expanding waistline some time ago, this problem also applies to many of the general public.

Can you remember when people used to walk to banks and other such places, carry shopping home?

Modern technology and the internet make people lazy. At the end of the day people are responsible for their own eating and exercise regimes, it’s not rocket science.

Voters shun poor debate

From: Matthew Smith, Endcliffe Vale Road, Sheffield.

I HAVE come to the conclusion that one of the main reasons turnout in local elections is so low is the low tone of debate which we the electorate have been forced to endure year after year.

The campaigns for the last set of local elections were a particularly boring yawn festival of parties slagging off each other, much to the detriment of key issues facing Sheffield.

What if we could focus exclusively on intelligent debate on local issues at council meetings, which are also webcast live and held at a convenient time for the general public?

What if we could actually find a better way to impose the cuts to Sheffield’s budget like cutting councillors and executive pay before cutting librarians and other vital frontline staff? What if we had councillors who led from the front?

The political parties in Sheffield need to do a lot of soul-searching, cease the petty bickering which puts people off voting and commence a proper debate on where and what Sheffield’s budget should be spent on.

Pitfalls of grammar

From: Brian Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

WHILE I strongly agree with Rosamund M Gray that sloppy grammar from professional announcers is unacceptable, I fear she has scored an own goal in her attack on some ITV presenters (The Yorkshire Post, July 26).

Their solecism, she asserts, is to end an announcement with “Mary Nightingale and me” instead of “Mary Nightingale and I”. I cannot think of an instance where the latter would be correct at the end of a sentence. “I” is only appropriate if it is the subject of a verb, which is clearly not the case here.

“Me” is correct as the object of a verb or used with a preposition such as “to” or “from”. “Mary and I will see you again at 6.30pm” would be correct as would “If you tune in at 6.30 you can see Mary and me” or “it’s goodbye for now from Mary and me”.

Unite to beat Daesh terror

From: William Sharp, Cross Bath Road, Bramley, Leeds.

HOW long will terrorism in France be allowed to put fear into the heart of the world? There is much to be understood from the saying that “all Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims”.

Until all nations unite under the UN to surround and exterminate Daesh at its source, this malaise will never disappear. The Muslim nations themselves must take the lead in this.

Vote on HS2

From: Thomas Marston, Cambridge Street, Otley.

I HAVE yet to speak to anybody in favour of HS2, so why don’t we have a ‘Trident’ type of a vote in the House of Commons? The constituents of the vast majority of MPs will never even see it let alone use it. The remainder will not want to watch their house values plummet.

Clue’s in name

From: Ruthven Urquhart, High Hunsley, Cottingham.

IF Trump could just get “trumped” and Corbyn “binned”, I really believe that the two countries they represent would be a lot better served!