YP Letters: Leeds Bradford Airport’s dire welcome to Yorkshire

Passenger facilities at Leeds Bradford Airport continue to attract criticism.
Passenger facilities at Leeds Bradford Airport continue to attract criticism.
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From: Professor John L Taylor, Marsh Lane, Bolton Percy, York.

YOUR recent letter from Stuart Groom hits the proverbial nail on the head when he sees Leeds Bradford Airport as a joke when compared to Manchester Airport.

Sadly its a rather sick joke when one has to use the 
very limited poor facilities regularly.

Several times recently, there have been no stairs to greet the landing aircraft and, on one occasion, passengers had to wait for 20 minutes before they could disembark.

Trying to cope with inadequate cover from the weather and an extensive uneven range of poorly maintained floor surfaces is a challenge.

The one and only arrivals escalator is regularly out of action.

The minimalist male toilet provision is often overcrowded and inadequate in relation to the demand.

The ultimate insult is when trying to get out of the short term car park.

For more than two years, the so-called automatic exit barriers continually malfunction and manual assistance is often required.

Clearly Yorkshire must do better – and soon.

If we can mount endless yellow bicycles in trees, surely we can greet everyone at Leeds Bradford in a civilised and professional manner?

The travelling public, and particularly our overseas visitors, deserve more fitting arrival conditions.

Fat cats feast on NHS cash

From: Terry Watson, Adel.

JEREMY Hunt has a mammoth job on his hands if he wants to save our endangered NHS.

He should start by controlling the spending of the fat cat managers who are bleeding the service dry (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, September 17).

We have 600 NHS managers being paid more than the Prime Minister!

The latest scandal was Southern Health boss Katrina Percy who was forced to resign over her failure to investigate the suspicious deaths of hundreds of patients in her care.

It was then reported she was offered another job on the same salary (£240,000pa) – a job that appears to have been specially created for her. The job entailed giving advice to GPs and described her as uniquely qualified.

The job did not exist before and she was reportedly the only candidate.

If she was so uniquely qualified, why did she fail so miserably in her last job?

This not the first time a manager has been made redundant and received a massive pay out, only to walk straight into another job in the NHS on the same pay.

The Government should not increase spending on the NHS every year, they could save billions if they cut down on top management and spent more on front line services.

Tory right is in the wrong

From: Don Burslam, Elm Road, Dewsbury Moor, Dewsbury.

ARE we still living in a genuine democracy or not?

David Cameron was elected on the understanding that no more grammar schools would be created, but now the unelected May regime is planning the exact opposite.

Fortunately the Government’s narrow majority, including all the sacked Ministers, will make it very difficult to get it through the Commons.

We have heard more than enough from the right of the Tory party in recent years so now it’s time for the moderates to make their voices heard.

If Theresa May thinks she can lead from the right, I think she will be disappointed.

Post offices feel squeeze

From: John Bailey, Whitby.

WITH regard to Jayne Dowle’s article about post offices (The Yorkshire Post, September 15).

The object of the management is to reduce their deficit by reducing the number of offices and paying postmasters and staff a lot less for their services, thereby driving some of them out of business.

More rail promises

From: Jeff Thomas, Strait Lane, Huby, Leeds.

MY understanding is that over the next year or so several train operating companies will have “less old stock” to cascade elsewhere when they take delivery of new trains. We should be getting some of these next year! I am sure all of us weary rail travellers will agree, we are sick and tired of “Jam Tomorrow”.

Pillars are pilloried

From: Harry Santiuste, Edenthorpe, Doncaster.

WHY do scriptwriters for popular soaps always portray pillars of the community such as teachers, doctors, clergy and councillors in an unflattering light?

If only we had a few storylines in which teachers actually inspired pupils to success, doctors offered genuine care to patients, vicars brought spiritual comfort to families and councillors provided free leisure facilities for the elderly.