YP Letters: Leeds Council has wasted enough public money already

Which councillors in Leeds have not paid their council tax on time?
Which councillors in Leeds have not paid their council tax on time?
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From: Peter Haddington, Eccleshill, Bradford.

THE truth is really starting to come out now, namely Leeds City Council using the public’s money to try and protect the identities of some of their councillors who fail to pay their council tax on time. Inevitably, the council had to backtrack on this.

Using the public’s money to try to stop these councillors from being named and shamed does not surprise me in the slightest. How trying to keep these councillors’ names a secret completely contrasts with how they use some members of the public as examples if they make an error.

The councillors who have been identified are full of apologies and have agreed to mend their ways, but would they have been as sorry had they not been exposed?

Another Freedom of Information investigation not long ago revealed how the fat-
cat councillors making the 
cuts to public services such as leisure centres, libraries, 
meals on wheels etc. are 
claiming fortunes in perks and expenses.

Leeds City Council has wasted enough of the public’s money with the failed attempts of the transport system and the shambolic planning of the cycle lane which has created numerous problems.

From: Diane Harley,Jessamine Avenue, Beeston, Leeds.

IN response to your recent headline ‘Let’s make Leeds a place for all’, how can you do this when you also state there are “thousands of young people without homes”?

Leeds will never be a city for everyone when you have the shops such as John Lewis, Victoria Gate, Harvey Nichols and all the other high class shops we have. There are few shops where the true, born and bred Leeds person can shop now!

Whilst I am on about shops, whoever designed John Lewis needs his licence taken away from him. Same as Trinity, such eyesores.

If you look upwards, we have some stunning buildings.

From: Mrs C Foster, Smalewell Road, Pudsey, Leeds.

WITH so many poor people without a home, surely the best thing to do is to build loads of prefab houses like the did in 1945.

They would be cheap to build and the council would get an income from them.

People living in hostels and sleeping rough would not be bothered about all the rules and regulations about room sizes, wall thicknesses etc, they would just be glad of somewhere to live.