YP Letters: Lies exposed over trade with world

David Cameron greets Barack Obama when the US president visited Downing Street in April to back Britain's EU membership.
David Cameron greets Barack Obama when the US president visited Downing Street in April to back Britain's EU membership.
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From: Terry Palmer, South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley.

ONLY weeks ago President Obama stood outside No. 10 Downing Street and told us that if we left the EU we “would be at the back of the queue” so far as US/UK trade was concerned.

We knew he was repeating, parrot fashion, David Cameron’s words, proven right when that same US President was the first world leader to welcome us back into the international community by assuring us that the traditional relationships with the United Kingdom would be respected by the US.

One lie from the Government nailed, how many more are there to uncover by both blue and red leaders of our country over the following few months and years?

From: Peter Wood, Scaftworth Close, Doncaster.

JEREMY Corbyn may have the support of a majority of Labour Party members and trade unions but, in a general election, he is unelectable. The Parliamentary Labour Party know this and there is no room in politics for misplaced loyalty.

A Prime Minister may be democratically elected but he/she governs for the benefit of society as a whole. Consensus is a seldom-heard word nowadays but it is something this country desperately needs.

From: Charles E. Haywood, Doncaster Road, Whitley, Goole.

A SIMPLE question. I was asked to vote as to whether I wished to remain within the EU or to leave.

My decision was to leave, however my decision was not political and was based upon economics, not immigration.

I am, to say the least, disappointed to find a simple question has been turned into a political war. David Cameron gave us the choice and, instead of spitting his dummy out, should have seen it through.

It is time to get rid of the negativity of the situation.

From: Paul Morley, Skipton.

WHY is the media full of naive young people calling the older people who voted “out” selfish for doing so? They should be grateful that now we are older and wiser we have voted to rectify the mess we created when as callow youths we voted to join the EU.

From: Arthur Quarmby, Underhill, Holme.

WE will of course be taking back all the extensive and exclusive fishing grounds which we took into the then Common Market so that our once-prosperous fishing industry can be recreated, with huge export potential to the EU.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

THE English and Welsh have spoken and won the vote to leave while Scotland and Ireland wanted to stay. The reason for this disparity is quite simple. The Scots and Irish get far more out of the EU than the rest who put more into the pot.

From: Robert Bottamley, Thorn Road, Hedon.

THE vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn is mere opportunism from Labour Members of Parliament who never wanted their present leader in the first place.

From: Fred Wyatt, Pocklington, York.

EVIDENTLY Britain is still capable of voyaging into the unknown to seek something better than EU subjugation.

David Cameron clearly displayed his total inability to negotiate better terms which any very moderate small farmer could have done without much effort. The EU bureaucrats saw no point in conceding anything in the belief that Cameron was weak and easily mollified, the British are made of sterner stuff.

From: Mary Jackson, West Ella Way, Kirk Ella.

SO Nigel Farage gloatingly declares that “there’s been a revolution without a single shot being fired”. He’s obviously got a far shorter memory than the family, friends and millions of people worldwide mourning the death of MP Jo Cox.

From: Ian Smith, Bradford.

WHAT should we understand from the attitudes of most media commentators who supported ‘Remain’ and are now promoting a positive approach to the future, and many of the ‘Remain’ politicians who point blame and cry shame? Is the difference the magnanimity we always expect from one group and the conceit and arrogance of the other?

From: Paul Parker, Bradford.

YOUR Agricultural Correspondent Ben Barnett is right to point out the seeming contradiction of people from rural communities voting overwhelmingly to leave the EU, while living and working in areas largely dependent on subsidies from the EU Common Agricultural Policy (The Yorkshire Post, June 25).

I can see it now, in a farmhouse in the Yorkshire Dales as the evening meal with Farmer Joe and his wife Ada draws to a close: “Well, Ada, love, I’m glad we voted Leave, cos that’ll keep them immigrants out. But, sorry, Ada, love, losing’t EU subsidy means we’ll have to sell’t farm. Pass us’t Daily Express will tha?”

From: Hugh Rogers, Messingham Road, Ashby.

WE have not “turned our backs on Europe” (The Yorkshire Post, June 25). We simply want to go back to making our own decisions upon who we welcome as immigrants. Canada, Australia and New Zealand all have very strict immigration criteria and nobody would would dream of accusing them of isolationism.

From: Eddie Peart, Rotherham.

NOW Yorkshire has voted to leave Europe, independence for Yorkshire is now a strong possibility.

From: Barrie Crowther, Walton, Wakefield.

NO surprise then? The vindictive leader of Scotland calls for an independence referendum. The SNP is a near-Communist party and Nicola Sturgeon is out for political gain. To want to leave the protective cloak of the UK and join a failing bloc is beyond belief.