YP Letters: Malham flood cascade shows we must act on climate change

Malham waterfall.
Malham waterfall.
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From: Edward Grainger, Botany Way, Nunthorpe, North Yorkshire.

FOR generations, Malham has been famous for its tarn and cove. The sight of water cascading down the limestone heights at the cove (The Yorkshire Post, December 7) is perhaps 
the most poignant illustration that, whether we like it or not, climate change / global warming is here to stay.

At the very least, those 
who doubted both must surely now agree that a new weather pattern that brings unprecedented amounts of rainfall is something we must deal with as best we can.

Communities must not have to suffer this kind of devastation every five or six years.

The usual Government and local government response of allocating insufficient resources to deal with excessive flooding simply will not do. The usual “too little, too late” mentality of the past has once again caught us out.

If we need to find the resources, we could start by matching the funds needed to safeguard our communities to the same extent as fighting the conceived threat we are told we face from Islamic State terrorists.

The scrapping of Trident must surely now be appropriate as the protection of life and property must be our priority, just as it is in keeping one step ahead of IS.