YP Letters: May looking ‘strong and stable’ now compared with Merkel

Can Theresa May deliver Brexit?
Can Theresa May deliver Brexit?
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From: Tim Hunter, Fairfield Avenue, Knaresborough.

I DON’T know why people constantly try to portray Theresa May as being in an unstable, weak position. Compared to her counterparts in Europe, she’s not in that bad a situation at all. She has been able to form a workable alliance with another party (the DUP) and can therefore govern effectively, albeit with a tight majority. So far the votes on Brexit have been going through, despite predictions of total disaster.

If you want to look for unstable situations, you need look no further than Germany, where Angela Merkel has failed to form a Government. She now faces fresh elections which may see the anti-Euro AFD gain more seats.

Then, let’s see what happens to the untested Emmanuel Macron in France. Let’s see if he succeeds with his labour reforms which are bitterly opposed by the left. Then, look at The Netherlands, which took 208 days to form a four-party coalition. Maybe Theresa May is relatively strong and stable after all?

From: James Kenny, Westfield Road, Leeds.

JOHN Cole (The Yorkshire Post, November 16) tells us with glee that he has read Nick Clegg’s How To Stop Brexit book.

The same author is rumoured to have also submitted How to stop university tuition fees, How to make the Lib Dem party relevant, How to lose your safe seat and How to get airtime on the BBC constantly with zero credibility.

The latter could be a bestseller.

From: David Loxley, Hartoft, Pickering.

IT would appear that Theresa May is inexorably undermining the 2016 referendum vote to leave the EU by way of prevarication and allowing the EU’s barriers to remain unchallenged.

As such, this can only be regarded as political treachery against the electorate of the worst and most hypocritical kind. She may well have written and signed her own political career death warrant, and that of many others.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

THERE is one reason that the EU negotiators are trying to wring more money out of us when we leave and it is because we have been the money tree for them for years.

From: Roger Watkinson, Oak Road, Leeds.

WHY is the Government willing to pay billions extra to leave the EU when the European Union has never had its accounts signed off as a true record?