YP Letters: May should consider reform of out of touch House of Lords

Brexit's Article 50 could be triggered this week.
Brexit's Article 50 could be triggered this week.
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From: Philip Baggaley, Hull.

SO, the unelected Lords have done it again against the wishes 
of the electorate. Why don’t 
the ones who were awake during the proceedings pick up their carers and their hearing trumpets from outside the chamber and go straight 
home after they have registered and picked up their £300 for the day?

Mrs May could also let them know in the next Queen’s Speech that she is thinking of getting rid of half, or all, of them.

From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

LORD Heseltine has got the House of Lords to vote against our referendum vote (The Yorkshire Post, March 8). If Lord Heseltine won’t honour our vote, what principle can he invoke to prevent us ignoring his vote? Votes for the plebs – whatever next?

His problem is that anyone can play the Remain propaganda game. So, the Lords who voted against Brexit must have been misled by the Remain lies, were too old and too thick to have a vote anyway. Lord Heseltine’s desperate attachment to the EU (despite it only accounting for 10 per cent of our GDP) is so consuming that he will destroy democracy in the UK to feed it. The first casualty will be the House of Lords itself.

From: Jim Beck, Tickhill, Doncaster.

LABOUR MP Hilary Benn, the Brexit select committee chairman and Leeds MP, is constantly on TV demanding that the Government guarantee the right to remain of EU citizens legally working in this country, paying their taxes, contributing to the economy, even before we open negotiations to leave the EU.

How badly he has misread the situation; there is not even a problem. The day after we leave, is the NHS going to sack all the EU doctors, nurses and care workers who are keeping the hospitals going? No.

If not, is the Government itself going to intervene and expel these people against their will? Of course not. You are pushing at an open door, Mr Benn; stop playing politics and get behind Theresa May in negotiating the best deal for this country post-EU.

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

WHAT a waste of taxpayers’ money the House of Lords debate on Brexit was – 600 members paid £300 a day for five days to bring in a decision that guarantees foreigners the right to stay in the UK without the UK citizens settled in other European countries having the reciprocal right to stay where they have made their home. Barmy!