YP Letters: May showed determination in her conference speech

Can Theresa May survive?
Can Theresa May survive?
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From: K Dransfield, Firs Grove, Harrogate.

YOUR columnist GP Taylor writes ‘Theresa May has to go’ (The Yorkshire Post, October 11).

Why? Because her performance at the Conservative conference sealed her fate. He, has, like so many others have done, concluded this from three things. First the two dropped-off letters from a notice, secondly the intrusion of the man who had schemed his way in and, thirdly, on her bout of coughing.

What a flimsy reason for his view and how insensitive! The truth is that, in spite of the cough, she stuck to her task – displaying the kind of determination she shows elsewhere.

He writes with reference to ‘like a has-been Caesar... Around her, knives are drawn... coughing her way to resignation.’ He should have added – “and I am in the mob urging her enemies on”.

Or better still he should consider, as he writes his fortnightly article, comparing it with the task and responsibilities facing Theresa May.

From: Gordon Lawrence, Sheffield.

IN response to Brian Sheridan (The Yorkshire Post, October 9), the bias emanating from the BBC was well exemplified in the news bulletin after Theresa May’s speech.

The BBC and its political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, didn’t analyse that event, but assassinated it. Admittedly, the speech was subjected to many distractions and was some miles away from being inspirational, but the BBC spent far more time following the antics of the P45 man than it did to the speech.

Any casual observer would have believed a terrorist had got loose in the hall!

From: Anthony A Hampshire, Esplanade, Scarborough.

MY objection to membership of the EU has always been based on a loss of UK sovereignty, replaced by an increasingly undemocratic EU bureaucracy.

The pro-EU lobby appears to concentrate on purely financial considerations, never mind the obvious loss of democracy, because – to them – what actually matters is increasing our wealth? Well it isn’t!

What would the reaction within the UK have been had we experienced the burden of repeated referenda as in Portugal and Ireland, until Brussels got the outcome they actually sought?

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

HOW noble of John Cole (The Yorkshire Post, October 10) to feel he has to set himself alight to show his protest about us leaving the EU. Pity that the EU have declared Bradford City Square a smoke-free zone!

Car design in reverse gear

From: David H Rhodes, Keble Park North, Bishopthorpe, York.

A DISCUSSION on modernisation in the motor industry reminded us of the old quarter-light window which could be opened to let in fresh air but not the rain, and with no misting up of the windscreen.

Likewise when the driver’s door was hinged on the strut between the front and rear door, this enabled the driver to swing their bottom onto the seat and then their legs in and onto the pedals, an easy and practical way of getting into the car.

Our conclusion made us wonder if car manufacturers incorporate complexity into design just because they can.

Let innovation take flight

From: Paul Brown, Bents Green Road, Sheffield.

THE Government has failed to plan for the future of the aircraft industry (The Yorkshire Post, October 11).

Our factories cannot expect to continue selling existing designs if there is never any addition to the range of aircraft on offer.

In this country we have given up any attempt to build light aircraft, short take-off and landing transport aircraft or heavy lift planes of the type used for military transport.

Manufacturers of large civil aircraft continue to make significant improvements, reducing manufacturing costs and improving fuel efficiency with every update in design. There is ample opportunity to apply the same logic to other categories of aircraft.

Failure of vision on rail

From: Graham Lund, Girvan.

IT was an act of sheer nonsense to cancel plans to electrify the Midland Mainline north of Kettering. It is equally daft to restrict railway business growth by wrongly sticking to former company boundaries.

Will we ever see through InterCity services from Leeds to Sheffield to St Pancras adding Wakefield Kirkgate and Barnsley?

Policy drives fly-tipping

From: John Burrill, Bingley.

I AGREE with Andrew Vine (‘Time to consign fly-tipping to the dustbin of history, The Yorkshire Post, October 10).

This scourge is, according to his article, on the increase. But why? All of our local councils have imposed permit schemes and other limitations at local amenity sites. It is doubtful if these have produced the savings they were intended to.

What is clear is that they have lead to the increase in fly-tipping and the cost of the clean up. Make it easier to tip legitimately.

Costs of logging on

From: James Taylor, Sutton Lane, Barmby Moor, York.

I READ your article on Amazon (The Yorkshire Post, October 9) with interest.

If Amazon wishes to cash in on the rural market, it can only do that if there is connectivity.

Amazon should stump up the cost from its unpaid taxes.