YP Letters: Ministers never learn on education ‘reforms’

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan
Education Secretary Nicky Morgan
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From: Anne Elsworth, Woodvale Crescent, Oakwood, Bingley.

WHAT a disaster! How long are teachers (The Yorkshire Post, May 6) to be subjected to the crazy whims of Government ministers?

I write following your report of the resignation of Bramley headteacher Maria Townsend after a 30-year career.

It has long been my belief 
that every new broom in government feels the need 
to prove herself or himself 
with some extravagant clean sweep.

Let those who have already proved themselves through long experience guide the Government and not the other way round.

What this country needs 
is a generation of children 
who are both self-confident 
and self-disciplined, and this 
will only be achieved when parents and teachers are 
enabled to work together, something which the constant tsunami of so-called reforms 
and initiatives does nothing to foster.

Or wait, could this latest 
loss to the profession be the catalyst needed to unite 
everyone who cares about our children’s future?