YP Letters: Morrisons rewards haven’t won my loyalty

What do you think of your local Morrisons store?

From: Fiona Lemmon, Clifton, Maltby, Rotherham.

I WOULD like to point out that Morrisons’ published figures for the festive season may be misleading (The Yorkshire Post, January 10).

I have been an occasional customer of Morrisons for years and have one of their More cards through which I can gain loyalty points.

As the festive season approached, I received some generous bonus points and money-off vouchers. My assumption is that so did many thousands of other customers, those who, like me, shop at their stores on only a few occasions.

It is not that I don’t like Morrisons as a company but I had never found the local store a pleasurable experience because of bad design.

A couple of years ago, I received a circular to say that the store had been redesigned so I decided to try it out. I saw no difference and the store continued to be very busy. I did not shop there again. However, the vouchers I received before Christmas 2017 did lure me back. On each visit the store had noticeably fewer customers. Is it coincidental that an Aldi store has opened just up the road?

I am expecting to receive a couple more money-off vouchers as a result of my recent spending at Morrisons. Thereafter I will revert to Tesco.

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