YP Letters: MP’s pledge to repay trust – and to strive to deliver Brexit

kevin Hollinrake was re-elected as Thirsk and Malton MP's on June 8.
kevin Hollinrake was re-elected as Thirsk and Malton MP's on June 8.
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From: Kevin Hollinrake, Thirsk and Malton MP, Market Place, Easingwold.

I AM delighted and honoured to have been re-elected to represent the Thirsk and Malton constituency for another five years.

Of course the results, as a whole, were desperately disappointing with the loss of 13 Conservative seats and, therefore, our majority.

However, we increased our share of the vote to 42.4 per cent (from 36.9 per cent) and remain the biggest party. With the support of the DUP, Theresa May can lead a government. Despite clear social policy differences, our two parties have enjoyed a working relationship over many years and this gives us the confidence to believe that we will be able to work together in the interest of the whole United Kingdom without compromising on equal rights for all, regardless of gender, sexuality, race or religion.

We can and must endeavour to deliver the Brexit that the British people voted for just 12 months ago. Quite what shape that Brexit will take has yet to be determined and there is no doubt in my mind that the General Election result has made our position more difficult.

If politicians have been reminded of one thing over the last few days, it is that we should never take the electorate for granted. I promise you that I will do everything I can to repay your confidence and trust. I will continue the campaigns I have started for improvements to the A64, greater and fairer funding for our schools, health service and transport infrastructure, the roll out of superfast broadband and improved mobile coverage, support for jobs and businesses across the constituency and for our farming and fishing industries as, together, we seek out new opportunities and a fairer deal for this area in the years ahead.

From: Wendy Cross, Waterside Road, Beverley.

I WISH to comment on a couple of things in the letter headed ‘Pro-fracking MPs increase their majorities’ (The Yorkshire Post, June 13). In Kevin Hollinrake’s Thirsk and Malton constituency, recent showings of the film The Bentley Effect drew large audience numbers who became inspired by how local people had brought about the end of fracking in the Northern Rivers area of Australia.

Mr Hollinrake’s aim when first elected in 2015 was, he said, to fight ‘tooth and nail’ against the industrialisation of his constituency; to effect this he could do no better than join the vibrant anti-fracking movement.