YP Letters: Neglecting high-value verge reserves on Wolds

Is enough being done to save Yorkshire's meadows?
Is enough being done to save Yorkshire's meadows?
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From: Bryan Mallison, Seaton, Hull.

YOU published two more articles about “one of nature’s major tragedies (The Yorkshire Post, July 6).

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s restoration and reseeding was featured.

What a pity a blind eye was turned on the fate of our high- value verge reserves on the Yorkshire Wolds.

These need neither massive intervention nor eye-watering grants.

What they do need is a resumption of annual maintenance, which was 
started in 1995 and stuttered 
to a halt under the desultory 
care of East Riding County Council.

Trusts in other counties have taken responsibility for classic species-rich verges.

YWT has vast experience in liaising with land managers and is well versed in the sordid business of exploiting funding pots.

Why not have a chat with this maundering county council, resurrect old marker posts and get on with the job?

Such a move would chime well with Michael Gove’s avowed environmental policies for post-Brexit “public goods”.