YP Letters: NHS is a relic – it’s time to think again

Is Labour to blame for the National Health Service's ills?
Is Labour to blame for the National Health Service's ills?
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From: Hugh Rogers, Messingham Road, Ashby.

THE NHS was designed by civil servants before World War Two and brought into being by the post-war Attlee government which, as is common with Labour governments, didn’t think through the implications of what they were doing. They blithely saddled the country with a Health Service it couldn’t afford, almost from Day One.

Now, in defiance of all the evidence, too many influential people would still like you to believe that the the NHS is fit for purpose and that all that has to be done is pump more and more money into it. Not their money of course, but yours as a taxpayer.

But remember, the Brown government tried this and all that happened was that the NHS absorbed the extra cash like it was a pie-eating competition – with little to show for it, save perhaps a financial burp or two.

The whole system of health provision in this country needs root and branch revision. Trying to make our antiquated NHS suitable for a modern Britain is like me still trying to get into the jeans I used to wear when I was a teenager, or attempting to link an old-fashioned typewriter to a hand-held computer. It won’t work. Into the skip with it and start again.

Limits of sense

From: Mike Smith, Birkby, Huddersfield.

YOUR report and editorial on our speeding coroner are worthy of comment, especially if he was caught on speed cameras. [The Yorkshire Post, January 12].

Ironically the items tend to confirm the view of many that speed limits, and cameras in particular, are principally revenue traps and contribute little or nothing to road safety.

This is supported where Brake effectively state 75 per cent of fatal accidents occur below speed limits. Of the remaining 25 per cent, it would be interesting to know how many occurred at ‘low-level’ infringements of a speed limit where the margin of excess was the actual cause.

There is a world of difference between speeding and a ‘low-level’ infringement of an arbitrary speed limit in what are otherwise perfectly safe driving conditions.

Way out of city’s gridlock

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

IN his excellent analysis of ever growing traffic chaos and woefully inadequate public transport (The Yorkshire Post, January 9), Colin Speakman mentions using the East Leeds (York Road) tramway reservation (The Yorkshire Post, January 9).

A similar one still exists on Easterly Road, leading to those at Seacroft and serving much of LS8 and14.

The one on Belle Isle Road would also provide a most valuable park-and-ride link to the M1 as well as serving much of LS10.

A reader asks “is it too late?” If it’s left to the city council, the answer is almost certainly “yes.” They have boxed themselves into a corner by their weak-kneed intransigence and lack of vision.

Left to them, when it comes to transport, the city will remain rooted in, and choked by, the 1960s.

There remain the city’s eight MPs. Am I right in saying that only two of them have spoken out on this? If the silent six aren’t prepared to fight, would they at least explain why?

Legacy of good works

From: David Quarrie, Lynden Way, Holgate, York.

WE have very nearly reached the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana,Princess of Wales. There is an excellent charity organisation running a scheme known as “The Diana Awards “ which sets out to inspire and acknowledge the good work and deeds done by young people.

Today’s society makes it easy to be selfish, but if we all tried that bit harder to be helpful, patient and considerate, we would all be much happier, much more content and feel so much better.

It would be wonderful if the media could find more time to unearth the good and lovely people, rather than the “rotten apples” who so damage the big barrel!

Northern rail reality TV

From: Jeff Thomas, Leeds.

THIS month has brought another series of Michael Portillo’s Great Railway Journeys. As a rail enthusiast it was quite noticeable how many trips he has made on the dreaded “Pacer” diesel units, in use both sides of the Pennines and the North East.

At least the rest of the viewers who live in the South will observe what we Northerners have had to endure for the last 30 years – and still two years to go before they are scrapped!

Waltz off my radio, Ed

From: James Kenny, Leeds.

IS anyone else sick to the back teeth of hearing Ed Balls on BBC Radio 2? What exactly are his credentials? He was a Treasury aide before the worst financial crisis we have ever witnessed, he behaved like a clown when Shadow Chancellor, yet the ever- fawning Jeremy Vine courts him.

Regional pay in public jobs

From: Nigel Boddy, Darlington.

JEREMY Corbyn’s big idea is we should limit top salaries. Maybe he would like to start with local authorities under Labour control?

Labour backers in the unions set their minds against regional pay differences many years ago.

But as the cost of living is so much higher in London and the South East, the arguments for regional pay variation are getting stronger by the day.