YP Letters: Nick Clegg knighthood reflects years of service to nation

Nick Clegg's knighthood continues to divide opinion.
Nick Clegg's knighthood continues to divide opinion.
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From: Stuart Ebden, Dalegarth, Buckden, Skipton.

YOU can’t please all the people all the time, particularly where the New Year Honours are concerned. It all comes down to ‘box-ticking’ and boxes for athletes are different from boxes for politicians.

Shaun Kavannagh’s apparent ignorance (in my opinion) of politics is displayed in his condemnation of Nick Clegg’s knighthood (The Yorkshire Post, January 6).

Nick Clegg has served the nation well, worked tirelessly over many years as an MEP, Westminster MP, including service as Deputy Prime Minister to David Cameron in the coalition Government, and there is cross-party respect for him.

Mr Kavannagh’s claim that Nick Clegg has achieved “absolutely nothing” is quite remarkable in its inaccuracy, not to say its deep offensiveness.

From: Ray Rebane, Leeds.

I READ with interest Alec Denton’s letter in which he lavishes praise on ex-Member of Parliament Nick Clegg for his work for constituency and country, but has a dig at Nigel Farage. I cannot think why he didn’t mention any one of the other 72 UK MEPs as they will all receive substantial index-linked pensions once the UK has left the yoke of Brussels.