YP Letters: No accountability over Leeds trolleybus failures

The launch of the tram-train service in Sheffield.
The launch of the tram-train service in Sheffield.
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From: Margaret Thompson, Vicarage Gardens, Otley.

HOW right Tom Richmond (The Yorkshire Post, June 4) is to call for the public accountability of the officials and councillors of Leeds City Council who seemed to have had no oversight of the competence of their employees.

Time and again at the trolleybus public inquiry, it struck me that we had a problem of “Rotherham” proportions but no one seems to have swung for it – could you tell us, Judith Blake, why they have not? No public apology, no dismissals. Nothing.

From: Chris Giddings, Halifax.

IT was the Labour administration who got rid of the Leeds tram system in the 1950s to early 1960. Rather than updating the tram system, Leeds is now left in a stranglehold of traffic. A few more wasted millions should sort things out, but when?

From: GC Wilson, Harrogate.

AFTER the latest transport fiasco it must be dawning on even the dimmest civil servant in Whitehall why the rest of Yorkshire is reluctant to accept any suggestion that Leeds play a major role in any future devolution of power.

It would seem that Leeds Council would be unable to organise a convivial evening on licensed premises.