YP Letters: No alternative to HS2 regardless of drivers

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From: Les Goodens, Hull.

I WOULD like to answer the letter from Colin Richardson (The Yorkshire Post, October 12) in which he suggests that the fact that Virgin East Coast are training drivers for the new trains that are now under construction makes the building of HS2 unnecessary.

The two are not mutually exclusive as the time scale for HS2 envisages it being operational at the earliest in about 2033.

The new East Coast trains will be in service in about two years so by 2033 they will be almost life expired or could be cascaded to other routes. Anyway does he think the East Coast route will be closed upon completion of HS2? There is no serious alternative to HS2.

This has only examined the current position from the view of the ECML, I am in no position to comment on the West Coast main line, but I suspect some of the problems highlighted here on the ECML also apply to it.

Finally there is no reason why we should not build HS2 as well as HS3 from Hull to Liverpool!

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

THERE’S still no guarantee HS2 will be built north of Birmingham, hence I agree that HS3 from Hull to Liverpool must be the priority for the North.