YP Letters: No shift in EU attitudes, so no case for another referendum

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From: David J Horsley, Church Lane, Moldgreen, Huddersfield.

DOES Sir Patrick Stewart (The Yorkshire Post, May 1) really think that if the Remain campaign won the 2016 referendum that we would be contemplating a second referendum two years later to make sure we made the right choice? No, I suspect he doesn’t.

There has been no change in the way the EU’s institutions operate, no mitigation of the four freedoms to accommodate legitimate concerns about their economic and demographic consequences, and no acknowledgement of the extreme financial cost of EU membership.

There may be consequences of leaving the EU. The British people, however, voted leave in spite of the very well- publicised concerns of the Remain campaign. The only reason a second vote is being contemplated is because the losing side and their super-rich lobby cannot, or rather will not, accept that they lost a vote which they had every chance of winning.

From: Brian D Black, Westwood Road, Beverley.

THE hard-line separatists still insist on telling us that the British people voted for Brexit, but, of course, only 37 per cent of us voted for Brexit. It is only correct to say that “some of the British voted for Brexit“.

The other mantra which the zealots keep restating is “take back control” but unfortunately they don’t mean “control of the people by the people”, but control by a well-heeled elite who resent the benefits which membership of the EU has given to the ordinary citizen, particularly in the area of employment law.

The true patriot wants what is best for the country which, in this case, is not isolation from Europe, but co-operation and continued membership of the Single Market.

Our politicians don’t seem to have the moral fibre to point out a fundamental truth which is that the referendum result is not necessarily the correct decision. We are supposed to be a Parliamentary democracy so surely Parliament must decide whether a “hard” Brexit is acceptable? Those who believe that we could end up as a diminished country on the fringes of Europe need to act before it is too late and we jump from the precipice.

From: Mick Webb, Leeds.

“WHATEVER the result of the EU referendum it will be implemented”. Who said this? David Cameron, the then PM, in the booklet sent to every household at a cost of £7m to the taxpayer. Who read it?