YP Letters: No wrongdoing over overseas cash so why the witch-hunt?

Formula One champion Lewis hamilton's tax affairs have come under scrutiny with publication of the so-called Paradise Papers.

From: Tony Armitage, Fulwith Road, Harrogate.

THE media is falling over itself with revelations” of overseas investments termed the ‘Paradise Papers’.

In reality, it is no more than a disclosure of legal activities well known about for generations, but now being used for political gain by embarrassing well known names over unsubstantiated sums of money.

If the so-called Paradise schemes are legal, as acknowledged to be the case, there is no wrongdoing. If 
the electorate no longer want these legal forms of investment, they should lobby the politicians to legislate against them and not seek remedy by joining a cheapskate witch-hunt.

The left-leaning Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 delighted in a comment that “the rich never have cared for the poor”.

Where do the so-called poor think social care comes from if not the so-called rich?

In life there is a central band of human compliance, with opposite ends of the fiscal spectrum occupied by people who do not pay their full 
taxes and people who claim benefits which they are not entitled to.

Rather than blaming inequality on the so-called 
rich, the politicians of all 
colours should pursue the dishonest players at both 
ends of the spectrum and the media can then constructively name and shame.

If our politicians chose 
not to act accordingly, 
then they are the real villains of the peace.

From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

IT is true that Remainers want to overturn our Leave vote, and they may succeed. But they cannot undo the fact that it happened. If we don’t leave properly, the compact of democratic assent between rulers and ruled will break down. Do even Remainers want that? More to the point, does business?

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is firmly of the view that we should remain partly in – supposedly because of “jobs”. But that conveniently begs the question whether better and more secure jobs are likely in the EU, or out of it. Certainly they want to keep EU migrant workers flooding into the UK, showing where Labour’s priorities really lie.

Parliament has no right to give away so much. There is a simmering resentment amongst Leave voters at the cavalier way we have been belittled and our views discarded. The establishment have already underestimated us before; they are making the same mistake again.

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